Daniel Radcliffe or Harry Potter

  November 20, 2002 at 11:29 AM ET

Can you tell a difference?&br;Daniel Radcliffe and Harry Potter have more in common than a movie part. Radcliffe and Potter share personality traits like loyalty, curiosity and getting in trouble. He was glad that the Chamber of Secrets showed Harry Potter was not always a good boy. He just started a new school and says no one is jealous that he is in a blockbuster hit and they treat him like a normal kid. Daniel Radcliffe also went on to say that the second movie is not too scary for little kids. &br;&br;For the full story check out:&br;'Harry Potter' Conflicts Actor&br;&br;&br;*On a side note, my six year old son got all dressed up for the opening day and loved the movie. He didn't even jump during the scarier parts like most of the adults did. ;) &br;

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