Dan Radcliffe about Christmas

  November 19, 2002 at 3:45 PM ET

Dan Radcliffe is quoted in the new issue of Reader's Digest on his thoughts about Christmas:&br;&br;&br;"The moment when I understood there is an amazing man who visits children all over the world and gives them presents was mysterious and magical for me. I remember making sure that my list had been sent weeks before, that Santa had food, and of course, a drink for all those tired reindeer. I even remember the feel of my warm pajamas after my bath. Sleeping was such a problem that night, but eventually I did, and, oh, when I woke! I loved the biscuit with the bite taken out of it, and Santa's reply saying that he hoped I'd enjoyed the presents and that he hadn't forgotten anything - and he hadn't! That was what was so miraculous. He knew everything - even things I had mentioned months ago but had forgotten. Now I'm a little older, but I still believe in the spirit of that man who dashes all over the world making children smile on Christmas morning."&br;&br;

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