Harry has Lasting Promise

  November 19, 2002 at 9:04 AM ET

The Talahassee Democrat has consulted the expert opinion of Eliza Dresang, a scholar who has studied the Harry Potter series extensively, and have come out with a conclusion: Harry Potter will never grow old, at least to readers of the series.&br;&br;"Dressing up like Hermione Granger or Harry Potter is just part of the fun for some fans - but will kids still be doing it in 20 years? Will kids even recognize the names of these fictional characters or the stories they came from?&br;&br;At least one Tallahassee scholar says yes. According to Florida State University Professor Eliza Dresang, the top-selling Harry Potter books are well on their way to becoming children's classics.&br;&br;'Some people say this is a passing phenomena; I don't think so at all,' said Dresang, a professor of information studies who specializes in children's literature. 'My prediction is that kids in the future will continue reading them.'&br;&br;...According to the professor, these bewitching tales by Scottish author J.K. Rowling are different in several significant ways from popular children's series of the past.&br;&br;Unlike successful series such as Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys, the characters in Harry Potter grow older as the story unfolds. The young actors who portray them on the big screen do, too, as moviegoers who see the recently released Harry Potter flick may notice. For instance, Daniel Radcliffe, the 13-year-old who portrays the soft-spoken Harry, has experienced a decided drop in his voice since the first film came out last year."&br;&br;Talahassee.com

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