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Warning: PayPal knowingly locks out accounts during times it has no staff able to reopen them

  January 26, 2019 at 10:04 AM ET
  Cheeser     HPANA
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Even very longtime PayPal users can be restricted without warning. Read on...

HPANA has relied on PayPal to accept your incredible support since 2003, when we bought our first server upgrade together as a community.

Throughout the years, I have seen many storiesopens in new window of PayPal locking accountsopens in new window without noticeopens in new window or reason. But I always defended them; it's been pretty smooth sailing over our 18-year-long relationship with the company. No more.

It was a wintry Friday evening when PayPal "restricted" our account with no notice. As behemoth of an international company PayPal is — they had revenue of over $13 billion in 2017; by comparison, MasterCard had $12.5 billion — there's no excuse for them not to be operating 24 hours a day. They have customers the world over. They're a vital financial instrument for many different people and purposes.

Our purpose in using PayPal is to keep HPANA/Wizarding News running. After this debacle, however, we will be migrating away from PayPal and begin accepting donations mostly through Patreonopens in new window and Square's Cashopens in new window app. We strongly discourage anyone from using PayPal in the future. They have shown themselves to be unreliable, and unresponsive at the most critical time.

It's now Saturday afternoon, 1:30 p.m. and our account is still locked and there's still been no word from PayPal. That's completely unacceptable. They make a profit on every transaction — we're essentially paying them for service and they are currently preventing us from using it.

We reached out to PayPal's media relations for comment but they did not respond before publication, even though our email tracking shows that they opened our messages, meaning they chose to ignore us. (Maybe because it's Saturday so they aren't at work? Maybe they shouldn't be locking accounts on Friday nights then, without having staff available to address the resulting complaints? Just a thought.)

TL;DR: PayPal lost a longtime customer of 18 years and gained a walking, talking, anti-PayPal billboard. Congratulations!


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