Emma & Dan discuss 'Half-Blood Prince'

  April 28, 2009 at 11:02 PM ET
  Geri     MuggleNet (via Wizard Universe)
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Two new interviews with actors Emma Watson and Daniel Radcliffe are online in which they both discuss the Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince movie. Emma mentions Hermione's big moment, book to movie transition and future acting roles while Dan talks about the heart of the movie, Michael Gambon and working with different directors.

You can read Emma's interview hereopens in new window:

What is Hermione's big moment and big sequence in the sixth film?

Emma: There's this mean girl called Lavender who has a bit of a crush on Ron. It's leaked in the beginning of the film that Hermione and Ron are finally going to get it together, and then she steps in. Hermione is sensitive and quite mean, really. And it's very much about how she sort of despises Lavender. Not really because she's taken Ron away, but because she's kind of the opposite of Hermione. So it's very comic and also quite sad for her. It's very Ron based, her part.

Dan's interview can be read hereopens in new window:

You've mentioned before that Michael Gambon did a good job of trying to make you laugh. Was there a moment or a scene where he tried to crack you up? Also, when Michael found out that Dumbledore was gay, did he camp up his antics?

Daniel: He did camp up, yeah. Michael, playing Dumbledore, has a beard, and he has a beard protector over his head to stop him from getting food in it. Which he does anyway. They made him a new one, which was pink, and he wore it with pride around the set. He's fantastically funny and he just has a laugh all the time. The amazing thing is, as soon as they say the word 'action,' he's kind of brilliant. It's quite frightening, really, how good he is.


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