Mary GrandPré
Mary GrandPré

'Time' Q&A with 'Harry Potter' artist

  May 30, 2008 at 1:32 PM ET
  Geri     HPANA (via TIME magazine)
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A new articleopens in new window from Time magazine has a question and answer with Harry Potter artist Mary GrandPré in which she talks about what it was like going back and redoing Harry's image for an upcoming 10th anniversary editionopens in new window of Sorcerer's Stone, what her favorite book to draw was and more.

A little snippet from the article:

What was it like to go back and draw Harry as an 11-year-old [for the upcoming anniversary edition] now that his story has finished unfolding?

It was really a nice opportunity. As Harry grew, I always wished I could go back and make a new piece for each book. So when the anniversary cover idea came up, I was really excited to do that. It's like getting to do a new portrait of this old soul you really know.

Do you think you could render Harry at age 30, or age 60?

Sure. It takes time to draw and redraw, and to study his facial structure. The more I draw Harry, the more acquainted I become with him in my head. I try to use each previous drawing as a map for the next one. I need to start drawing to know what he'd look like. [Plus, J.K. Rowling] is such a visual writer. I've always looked to her writing as the main inspiration for the drawings. For a storybook or cover illustrator, the first responsibility is to draw from the writing. She makes it really easy because she's so descriptive.


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