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  April 21, 2007 at 10:39 AM ET
  Geri     HPANA
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Thanks to an HPANA member from Japan for a description of the international Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix trailer which was shown on TV there earlier today.

Thanks to all who have let us know that the video is currently online but since it is such poor quality we will not be posting a link to it. As we first reported yesterday, the trailer will be online starting tomorrow and we will let you know when you are able to view it. The description is great though. Enjoy.

If you really want to know what the trailer contains, please highlight below, thanks to Carol for taking the time to send to us:


Trailer opens with a scene of the DA
Harry, Ron & others on threstrals flying towards Hogwarts
Umbridge walking through the halls waving her ward towards 2 students kissing & stopping them
Snape hitting Ron on the head
Twins flying through Great Hall causing mayhem
Umbridge in class saying 'things at Hogwarts are worse than I feared'
Proclamations being put up
Harry seeing Voldemort at train station in front of the Hogwarts Express
Voiceover 'you have been told that a certain dark wizard is at large once again'
More proclamations being put up
Harry & gang running down hill
Umbridge instructing Harry that ‘This is a lie’
Harry replies that ‘it’s not a lie, I saw him’
More proclamations being put up
Dumbledore telling the ministry that the ‘Dark Lord’s return is incontrovertible'
Fudge replies “He’s not back”
Students viewing all the proclamations
Fudge announcing that Umbridge has been made headmaster of Hogwarts
Harry slamming a wall
Umbridge giggles in front of Harry, Ron & Hermione
Ron mumbles ‘Blimey’
Voiceover ‘the dark lord approaches’
Voiceover ‘he wants to build up his army’ (view of his followers)
Harry ‘if Voldemort is building up an army I want to fight’
Harry hitting a wall
Proclamations shatter
Harry & Sirius at train station, Sirius says ‘it’s your turn now’
Ron talking
Members of the DA flying over London on the way to the MoM
Scenes from the DA practicing
Image of Fudge with Harry looking up
Voiceover of Umbridge ‘I will have order!’
Members of the DA flying over London
Hargrid ‘the ministry is going to have the a full uprising on their hands’
Harry flying
Hermione ‘it’s exciting isn’t it, breaking in & all’
Ron replies ‘who are you and what have you done with Hermione Granger?’
Scene of MoM
Harry looking frightened
Dumbledore ‘don’t fight him Harry, you can’t win’
DA running through MoM
Voldemort waving wand
Hermione running into Harry's arms
Harry screams 'look at me!'
Harry flying backwards towards wall
Voldemort ‘you will lose everything’
Umbridge & Inquisitorial Squad
Harry being held by Prof. Lupin as he screams
Fight at MoM
Harry kissing Cho
Glass breaking
WB/movie logo


The movie will be released on July 13, 2007.


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