'OotP' video game screenshot
'OotP' video game screenshot

'OotP' video game due out before movie; new screenshots

  March 19, 2007 at 8:16 PM ET
  Geri     HPANA
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Electronic Arts (EA), the makers of the Harry Potter video games, announced over the weekend that the Order of the Phoenix video game will be released a week before the movie in July.

According to Chris Roberts, senior designer of the game the game is designed to give players the freedom to do whatever they want, with no prescribed way to complete the game:

You're going to see all of Hogwarts based on the blueprints from the movie. It's all there and it streams without loading.

We're showing some places that have never been seen before like Grimmauld Place where Sirius Black lives.

We've got a school full of kids - it's a living breathing world the player can mooch around in - they're not absolutely forced to play this level, then this level, then this level.

The game is completely free-form: Harry can go to class, play gobstones or wizard chess, all of the things from the film.

Also some newopens in new window screenshots from the game are available online, whick have been captured directly from the game at a specific resolution. We will try to obtain better versions of these images shortly. Thanks Sami.


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