News on products tied to 'Phoenix' movie

  December 12, 2006 at 10:01 AM ET
  Geri     HPANA (via License Magazine)
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The European licensing for the Harry Potter franchise was recently awarded to the British company, Cards Inc., and a recent article describes the upcoming selection of items, which includes a Lucius Malfoy interactive wand game, action figures which will have the ability to interact with play sets, vehicles and animals.

According to the articleopens in new window:

Warner Bros realised the brand was skewing older and Warner wanted to target older consumers with collectables, as well as with mass market toys, and this was one of the reasons Cards Inc. was chosen. Between toys, gifts and collectables, it will develop a broad selection of products, enabling it to draw inspiration from every aspect of the style guide. 'You can't sit still in the toy and gift market! You need a diverse range of products,' according to Mark.

The first wave of product will launch in June in anticipation of the release of the film the following month, with further product launching around the DVD release and Christmas 2007. Cards Inc. is banking on having enough product to tempt retailers to stock it until the sixth Harry Potter film in 2008. This is consistent with Warner Bros' hopes to get retailers to support the franchise continuously rather than just around the release of the films.


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