Harry action figure
Harry action figure

First look at Harry action figure

  December 8, 2006 at 8:07 AM ET
  Geri     The Leaky Cauldron (via Action-Figure.com)
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Last July we told youopens in new window that Warner Bros. has granted its "master toy license" for the Harry Potter franchise to National Entertainment Collectibles Association for the U.S. and Cards Inc. for Europe. You can now see a first look from Cards Inc. at these toys that show Harry conjuring up a Patronus.

A description from the articleopens in new window is below:

I can't give you the full details of the line yet, but what you won't be able to tell from the pictures below is that the line is 3.75" scale! Yeah, I saw the sculpt and gasped as well (and I can tell you that the preapproved Ron and Hermoine I've seen in private look just as good!) This scale gives the line a lot of possibilities, a LOT of possibilities, that have me very excited and wanting to tell you more.

The Harry Potter figure has 14 points of articulation, and this seems to be something that will be carried across the line. The figure also comes with accessories of his wand and Patronus.

You can see pictures of the figures starting hereopens in new window which will go on sale before the next movie, Order of the Phoenix, is released next year.


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