'Goblet of Fire'
'Goblet of Fire'

Internationally 'GoF' number one movie for 2005

  January 3, 2006 at 12:47 PM ET
  Geri     BBC
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International box office returns for 2005 show that Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire was the number one movieopens in new window of the year, beating Revenge of the Sith by $67 million (£38 million).

These figures excluded North America where Revenge of the Sith beat Goblet of Fire by nearly $103 million, but one should note that Goblet was released in November while Revenge of the Sith opened during the summer months so it had a longer shelf-life in theaters, especially domesticallyopens in new window where the movie did extremely well.

There is also a pollopens in new window on the BBC website asking which movie, Revenge of the Sith or Goblet of Fire you preferred. Currently Goblet is leading 52.47% to Revenge's 47.53%.

To date Goblet of Fire has accumulatedopens in new window $811.9 million dollars in ticket sales.


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