'Goblet of Fire' movie clip
'Goblet of Fire' movie clip

New French kissing 'Goblet of Fire' movie clip

  November 10, 2005 at 6:08 PM ET
  eudaemonia     HPANA (via News Tip)
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The latest Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire movie clip was recently spotted at CommeAuCinema, a French movie cinema website. This time the clip shows the last moments of (and a bit of what happened after) the second Triwizard Tournament task.

You can go view the Windows Media stream hereopens in new window or download directly from hereopens in new window (by right-clicking "Save As"). Please note, much like most of the items on the website, the movie clip is dubbed entirely in French.

Thanks to UHP for the tip and TLC for the download link!


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