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HarryPotterSoundtrack.com launched, features 'GoF'

  October 26, 2005 at 1:10 AM ET
  eudaemonia     HPANA
  harry potter and the goblet of fire soundtrack, goblet of fire soundtrack, movie 4 soundtrack

First there was the Goblet of Fireopens in new window website. Then the Harry Potteropens in new window website was re-launched and re-designed. If that wasn't enough for you, Warner Brothers Records has also created the Harry Potter Soundtrackopens in new window website to add to your list of bookmarks/favorites.

On the site only a handful of the Goblet of Fire soundtrack's songs are available to sample. Currently the songs in rotation are The Story Continues, Do The Hippogriff, Foreign Visitors Arrive, and This Is The Night. If you were able to view the other WB websites properly, there's no need to download software -- you can hear them as long as you have macromedia flash.

Additionally, online trading cards can be emailed to friends. The four currently featured are Harry, Ron, Hermione, and Headmaster Dumbledore.

Lastly, the official track list is provided. Unlike what was previously reported and listed at the AOL Music exclusive over a day ago, for some reason they have only listed 22 songs.


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