Newell sorry to see the Dursleys go

  September 19, 2005 at 7:42 AM ET
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It would seem that the onslaught of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire interviews is about to begin and not too soon. In another interviewopens in new window given by director Mike Newell he discusses that fact that the scene that he will miss most is the one with the Dursleys and the fact that he always considered the fourth book a thriller.

Newell on the fourth movie:

First question that I asked myself was, 'Can I find a spine in this thing, which will allow me to tell the story of this book in a single film?' And I found for my own satisfaction a very good way of pulling everything together, and it was that the thing is a thriller. And the thriller is that Voldemort, the creature of ultimate evil, is now feeling his power again, and he needs to reform himself. He needs to get his body back. And the only way that he can do that is to subject himself to a particular potion, which, in order to be effective, needs three drops of Harry's blood. And so this whole year is set up by Voldemort as a way of getting the boy sufficiently in his power.

Newell on missing the Dursleys:

I'm sorry about the Dursleys, actually. Because I think there's a kind of a convention in the movies that it's enjoyable to see the Dursleys each time. But, in fact, if you read the books, the Dursley incident is absolutely tiny and not central at all.


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