Sykes speaks of Frank Bryce & Watson on being stereotyped

  September 12, 2005 at 11:01 AM ET
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To start off promotion for Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, two new interviews have popped up:
  • Eric Sykesopens in new window, the 82-year-old actor portraying muggle Frank Bryce in the fourth Harry Potter movie, gave a recent interview about his life as an actor. He fondly recalls his role in Goblet of Fire to Manchester Online in a recent interviewopens in new window:

    It was so enjoyable. I thought it was all going to be shot in half a day and it went on for a couple of weeks. They kept adding little bits until it's my scene coming down the stairs, and that's the opening of the picture. They wanted him to be so well known so that when he dies after the first five minutes, all the audience would go, 'Ahhh'.

  • Times of Indiaopens in new window has a recent article from an interview with Emma Watson. In a revealing interview she discusses her fear of being stereotyped as Hermione Granger and the general view of young actors:

    My biggest fear is getting stereotyped. I want to do other things. But she added, in what may be a controversial plea for recognition as one of the architects of the Potter films' runaway commercial success, that I would hate to have another actress in the role (of Hermione). There is so much of me in her. Of course, JK Rowling wrote the character, but, in film terms, I had a part in creating her.

    I am very careful to separate the two — there is Hermione, there is Emma. There is a professional life and a private life. I never mix the two.

Thanks to Harry Potter's Pageopens in new window, HPFZopens in new window & to Jo from Emma-Watson.netopens in new window for the scan of the article.

UPDATE: The above referenced article has been replaced with an original scan & the comments attributed to Emma have been removed, as they were not her words.


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