HPANA moved to new datacenter

  May 13, 2005 at 9:53 AM ET
  Cheeser     HPANA
  hpana, harry potter sites

Thanks to generous contributions from fans, HPANA has purchased a top-of-the-line Dell server and taken up residence in a new datacenter as of today! After years of growth (and strain), we'll finally be able to open the floodgates and develop some great new tools for Harry Potter fans. Stick around for a few years more, we'll be here.

Donations to Server Fund 3 exceeded $2,500 and allowed us to purchase a Dell PowerEdge 2850, upgrades and software licenses totalling over $4,000.

As you may know, running a web site that has become as unexpectedly, insanely large as HPANA costs a lot of money. To make up for it, we have included ads on the site for some time now. Members who donate at least $10 get nearly all of those ads removed for an entire year, as a special thank you for contributing.

HPANA will be around for many more years, and will continue to bring fans exciting new services and features. YOU have made that all possible with your continued readership and interest. On behalf of HPANA's entire staff, thank you. We look forward to serving Harry Potter fans for a long time.


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