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  April 10, 2005 at 6:47 PM ET
  Geri     HPANA (via The Mail on Sunday)
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British tabloid The Mail on Sundayopens in new window states in article today that Katie Leungopens in new window, the 17-year-old Scottish actress playing Cho Chang in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, has become "a hate figure for obsessive fans" on the Internet.

In the article titled Harry Potter and the Poisoned Chalice the author goes on to say “cores of fake websites have sprung up, some apparently giving her thoughts and feelings in diary form. There are photographs purporting to be of Katie, and many are of obviously older, more experienced girls in revealing poses. Most disturbing are several 'hate Katie' sites where youngsters are encouraged to explain in graphic detail why they loathe the dark-haired beauty."

Katie’s father is quoted as saying:

I have seen these sites. I have looked at every one of them. It is rather frightening when you see things like "hate Katie." It is incredible, really. I can't make sense of it, although I know how popular Harry Potter is. Katie is only 17 and hasn't even appeared on film. No one knows her, has seen her or heard her speak, yet there are all these things on the Internet. Unfortunately I know she has seen them, too. She reads them all and it is a great pressure on her. With these websites, I cannot even think what may happen when the film eventually comes out. In a way I'm dreading it. She's been told she mustn't give interviews or speak to anybody until the producers say it's time. It's all happened so fast.

New information garnered from the article:

  • Katie goes to a £5000-a-year Glasgow college
  • JK Rowling insisted that the actress to play Cho had to be a complete unknown
  • According to Katie's father, she had never been in a school play and went for the audition "on a whim" and is still filming in London

A new picture of Katie from MuggleNet can be seen hereopens in new window

Thanks to Veritaserum you can see a scan of the entire article hereopens in new window .


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