'Hogwarts Express' train tickets on sale

  March 29, 2005 at 1:18 AM ET
  Cheeser     HPANA (via HP Fan Trips)
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HP Fan Tripsopens in new window has just announced the limited availability of 50 individual tickets to ride the Hogwarts Express trainopens in new window used in the official Warner Bros. Harry Potter films.


  1. Hogwarts Express train tickets on sale now!
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  3. What is HP Fan Trips?
Fifty (50) Hogwarts Express train tickets on sale now!

We have decided at this time to release fifty (50) seats on HP Fan Trips' exclusive ride on #5972 Olton Hall, which portrays the real-life Hogwarts Express train in Warner Bros.' Harry Potter films. Tickets will be sold on a first-come, first-serve basis and cost $199.

Included is a day-long adventure such as Harry and his schoolmates would experience on their way to Hogwarts. We'll be traveling from Oxford through the gorgeous Lake District up to Carlisle, and back. Activities on the train may include tea parties, special games, storytelling (by a professional performer) and discussions with your fellow fans.

This incredible offer is best suited for fans that live in the United Kingdom or are visiting there already. As we expect these tickets to sell out faster than a Firebolt, you can always guarantee yourself a seat by booking any of the HP Fan Trips 2005 tour packages. Each one includes the train ride.

Visit http://www.hpfantrips.com/2005/hogwarts-express/opens in new window for more information!

Sold out!

The following 2005 packages have reached their maximum of 42 participants each, and are now sold out:

  • Scotland Gold
  • Weekend

Based on current numbers, the next to go will be Scotland Silver (just a few spots left) followed by London/Oxford Gold. Keep in mind the only significant difference between the package levels is the choice of hotels and other minor operational changes. The main reason they are split is so each group can be managed and moved about more effectively. (Can you imagine trying to coordinate cross-country travel for over 300 guests without Floo powder?)

What is HP Fan Trips?

More accurately, what is it not? It's not just another see-the-sights London tour with "Harry Potter" slapped on it. HP Fan Trips was created from the ground up by enthusiastic fans. We go places and do things no other group can offer. From our exclusive Hogwarts Express train ride to specially-crafted and professionally-guided tours of London, Oxford, Edinburgh and more, HP Fan Trips is the ultimate adventure for Harry Potter fans.

Visit HP Fan Trips online:
http://www.hpfantrips.com/opens in new window

Discussion group:
http://groups.yahoo.com/group/hpfantrips-friendsopens in new window


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