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  December 19, 2004 at 4:05 PM ET
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Tom Feltonopens in new window (Draco Malfoy) on a break from filming Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire was in Cologne, Germany, yesterday at his most recent fan-signing event and thanks to Josephine we have a scan and translation from an article that appeared in the German newspaper Express detailing the event.

According to the articleopens in new window:

Harry Potter hysteria in Cologne
He looks like a unsignificant teenager: a few little spots and a stubbly haircut. But about him there was a huge hysteria at the Hyatt hotel yesterday. Hundreds of girls came to confess their love to Harry Potter actor Tom Felton. What they didn’t know: he brought his girlfriend...
(Now there are some fans going on about how cute Tom is and that they came with their mothers, which I think is not really interesting and worth translating...)
The Hyatt spokeswoman Anke Jäger: "When the actor send an inquiry about having a fan meeting at our hotel we would never have guessed how many people would turn up. There are even some from Chile."
When Tom Felton gave an autograph session in London there were only about 150 fans, today in Cologne there were more than 1000.
The reason he picked Cologne is his girlfriend Melissa: "I used to live in Bergisch-Gladbach (close to Cologne) for 5 years and I told him a lot about this time. Now he wanted to come and see it with his own eyes. What’s going on in here is crazy." They actually know each other from school, when Tom wasn’t famous yet. Now everything’s different, while her boyfriend writes autographs without ever taking a break, Melissa sells fan items. Like that she can always have an eye on her boyfriend.

Also thanks to Martin for letting us know that Emma Watson Empireopens in new window has a report as well as some pictures of the event.

UPDATE: Thanks to Jonas over at hp-fans.deopens in new window for his report as well as some pictures of the event.

Tom signed photos and other things from 10am to 4pm, there. Estimatedly 900 - 1,400 fans joined the event.
In the morning, getting out of the train I noticed two girls on the platform which carried news magazines with Harry Potter pictures on the cover. Yes, they wanted to see Tom and get them an autograph, but actually they didn't seem to know how to get to the Hyatt Regency Hotel. So what did they do? They asked a policeman! Afterwards they hurried out of the station, and the policeman smiled - obviously, it wasn't the first time for him to explain the way to the hotel, today.
Short before 10am, the tention increased, but the time didn't want to pass and the cold weather had become a real challenge. Minutes before 10am, fans from the last rows in front of the hotel pushed the fans from the first row forward, about 200 fans have been waiting in front of the hotel, now.
In groups of 4 or 5 persons, the fans were able to get into the hotel. In the entrance hall they were asked for silence and not to run or scream.
10.27am - in the Rheinsaal, where Tom expected his fans, over 300 people waited. They DID scream, run, push and laugh. And they showed things they'd like to be signed by Tom. What kind of feeling must it have been for Tom hearing all those fans? It seemed to become just more and more fans, and the queue didn't become shorter...
10.30am - we were told that there's a maximum of one photo for each fan, as there wouldn't be enough for everyone of some people bought more than one photo.
When we came in, we bought our stuff, for example a Tom T-Shirt or a poster or a picture. Tom was ready for my autographs, I gave him his picture to be signed, but while they have been talking about the web site, which the autograph was for (, Tom discovered a present and caught it from my materials. Confused, I saw him examining the calender. He asked "what's that?", I answered "it's a present for you!". He smiled and watched is more closely - "Mum", he said, "look, my car ... fisihing ... and there ...". He showed it to his mum and asked her, where all those photos were from. Obviously, he doesn't know most of his photos...
Tom is a real nice, professional young man, always happy, smiling, laughing, full of power - a real gentleman. In front of the door I saw some more 200 fans waiting in the rainy, cold weather.

Check out some great pictures below.


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