Matthew Lewis & Alfie Enoch
Matthew Lewis & Alfie Enoch

Additional report from ‘Prisoner’ DVD launch

  December 4, 2004 at 3:10 PM ET
  Geri     The Leaky Cauldron
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The Leaky Cauldron has posted an additional report from the Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban DVD launch that took place in London a few weeks ago. In this reportopens in new window, Melissa, speaks to Matthew Lewis (Neville Longbottom) & Alfie Enoch (Dean Thomas) about upcoming filming, school and their characters. They also have a brief interaction with David Thewlis (Prof. Lupin) who discusses his wish to appear in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.

Some snippets from the reportopens in new window:

    TLC: What have you filmed so far?
    Matthew: What have we done, Alfie?
    Alfie: Quite a lot – we’ve done a lot of Great Hall scenes.
    Matthew: I’m not sure how much we’re allowed to give away because they got quite tight this year. I’m not even sure we’re allowed to say exactly what we shot.
    TLC: Well, I know you’re dancing.
    Matthew: Yeah
    Alfie: Yeah
    Matthew: I got a tango, yeah.

    TLC: Have you ever tangoed before?
    Matthew: I have not, and I was quite proud of it, up until they –
    Alfie: Until they changed the moves.
    Matthew: and now …
    TLC: How are you as a tango artist?
    Matthew: I don't think very good at all.
    Alfie: You should go into dance.
    Matthew: Personally I don’t think I’m very good. I’m sure Alfie’s excellent though.
    Alfie: Why would you say that?
    Matthew: It’s because the tango’s gotta be a public school thing, I think.
    Alfie: Oh, no, let's not do this again.

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