Chris Rankin updates site with vacation report

  November 8, 2004 at 1:58 PM ET
  Geri     Chris Rankin Online
  chris rankin, harry potter

Chris Rankin -- Percy, from the Harry Potter movies -- has posted a new diary entry on his web site with a report of his recent vacation to the U.S.

He breaks down his trip into stages and mentions the people and fans he met as well as the great scenary he had a chance to see: "Norfolk, where I live is VERY flat - so being at an altitude of 6,500 feet was weird - made me quite tired - but was SO beautiful!"

Chris on meeting our very own Cheeser (webmaster) in Chicago:

Jeff Guillaume from HPANA was my guide for this part of the trip - we've been in correspondence for a while now, and it was great to finally meet him and his sister, who came along for the ride we set off up to Milwaukee for lunch with a small group of people, and got VERY lost (sorry Jeff, had to bring it up!!), Milwaukee looked to be a lot nice than I was expecting... I'd been given a very iffy impression from what people had told me... but it was beautiful, but bloody cold!!

After lunch we headed back into Chicago and got lost (again!! poor Jeff, none of us had driven there before - so it was no surprise - but it was a laugh!!) went to an amazing place for dinner - it was out on Navy Pier, with a live band playing jazz and swing and blues and such - my kinda thing!!!

[Ed. note from Jeff: For the record, I blame Yahoo! Maps. But after finally making it to the right coordinates in Chicago I got to meet author Galadriel Waters, as well as Emerson from MuggleNet, which was cool since we've been talking online for ages and missed seeing each other in the UK this past summer.]

I also had the pleasure of meeting Chris again in New York and can say that everyone enjoyed his company. You can read the rest of his vacation report hereopens in new window and view some pictures hereopens in new window.


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