Chris Rankin on whirl-wind vacation to the US

  October 8, 2004 at 9:36 PM ET
  Geri     Chris Rankin Online
  chris rankin

According to Chris Rankin Onlineopens in new window, Chris (Percy in the Harry Potter movies) is set to land on U.S. shores for a whirl-wind vacation starting on October 15, visiting Chicago, Milwaukee, Denver, Los Angeles, Seattle, Orlando, Washington, DC and New York.

October 15th -- Chicago
October 16th -- Milwaukee
October 17th -- Pittsburgh
October 18th -- Denver
October 20th -- Los Angeles
October 22nd -- Seattle
October 24th -- Orlando
October 25th -- Washington, DC
October 26th -- New York
October 28th -- Returning home

I shall be meeting various friends in each place and I've been asked to do a couple of interviews for various things - so look out for those when i get back - hopefully they might tell you something new!!

Note: We've been asked to clarify that Chris' trip is a personal vacation only, not a press or fan-related tour in particular.


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