David Heyman bears weight of Harry Potter's film success

  April 9, 2004 at 6:07 PM ET
  Cheeser     HPANA (via Times Online)
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The producer of the Harry Potter movies, David Heyman, talks to UK's The Times newspaperopens in new window about the pressure of creating films based on the popular wizard created by author JK Rowling:

For now, at least, Heyman is bearing the yoke of responsibility with ease, and the kids can empty their pockets of stones. On the other shoulder, meanwhile, sits the weight of expectation. This has been placed, perhaps unfairly, by the cynics who might say that Heyman's career as a player in the film industry comes down to two curiosities: the luck of hitting the mother lode with the Potter books, and the door-opening ability that comes with being part of a highly distinguished showbiz family.

Heyman has given Rowling "more influence" than usual for book-to-movie adaptations, according to the article. He assures fans that he "has never considered deviating from the course laid out" by the author, but admits:

"When you're cutting an entire novel into a two-hour film, there have to be edits, and sometimes the author needs to be open to adaptation. They are giving up a certain aspect of control."


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