Harry Potter earns 12,000 Galleons

  March 29, 2004 at 6:40 PM ET
  Sano Orbis     iharrypotter.net (via itv.com)

Daniel Radcliffe has earned over 12,000 Galleons, or £6m, portraying Harry Potteropens in new window in the Warner Bros.-produced films. This lofty sum has earned him the spot of second-richest teenager in Britain, behind Prince Harry at £14m. A film insider predicts that he will overtake the number one spot before the last of the proposed seven Harry Potter films are finished:

"The project would lose too much credibility if they changed any of the lead actors now so Daniel can name his price."

Daniel was originally paid £75,000 for the first film, but has gradually increased his fee and share of merchandising rights.


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