'Goblet of Fire' to be most expensive film ever made

  January 17, 2004 at 8:24 PM ET
  Geri     Wizard News (via Sunday Mail)

According to the next director in the Harry Potter franchise, Mike Newellopens in new window, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire will be the most expensive movie ever madeopens in new window.

The film, which starts production in April, will cost an estimated £170 million ($308 million), reports the Sunday Mail. That's £5 million ($10 million) more than the entire Lord of the Rings series.

Newell commented that directing a Potter picture carried huge responsibilities:

"I think of myself as being really lucky. I'm going to make the most expensive film there has ever been. These things are not like ordinary films they are world events. I have millions of 10-year-olds who must not be disappointed. Making Harry Potter is like being President of Brazil. It is a colossal undertaking."

Newell also commented that finding an eight-foot-tall French woman to play Hagrid's love interest, Madame Maxime, has caused him a giant-sized headache.

"We are casting right now. I've been in Paris, looking for giant women and French schoolgirls."

Top five most expensiveopens in new window movies to date:


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