Rufus Beck negotiating 'Phoenix'

  October 30, 2003 at 4:26 PM ET
  grae     Moreover (via Pipeline)

It seems that German actor Rufus Beckopens in new window can't decideopens in new window whether or not he will continue to be the voice of the German Harry Potter audio books.

Here's a rough translation of the article:

Rufus Beck negotiates again about Harry Potter audiobook.

It is possible that actor Rufus Beck will voice the fifth volume of the Harry Potter adventures.

Beck and the audio publishing house are again in discussion, communicated the lawyer of the actor in Hamburg. The audio publishing house had communicated in the past week that the negotiations had failed and the search for a new speaker had begun. The audio books of the first four Harry Potter adventures, which Rufus Beck spoke, have so far sold 1.7 million copies.


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