Back to basics: All the 'Potter' news that's fit to print

  October 6, 2003 at 2:08 AM ET
  Cheeser     HPANA

Remember the Harry Potter Automatic News Aggregatoropens in new window about a year ago? Whatever happened to that? Now there's some weird site called HPANA that claims to be its cousin's sister's illegitimate offspring twice-removed.

Well move over kid, it's time to put the automatic news back in HPANA. We've just made our incredible news-gathering engine public, so you can see what's new on all your favorite Harry Potter sites even before we do!

Check out our new service, The Daily Prophet. Be your own reporter and see what's happening on all of the best Harry Potter sites, updated automatically and almost instantly. Are we crazy or what?

Where does that leave HPANA, the wicked stepchild we mentioned earlier? Well, there will be people who want THEVERYLATESTANDMUSTHAVEITNOW, and those who like the crazy antics of HPANA's news staff, who will continue to provide intelligent insight and commentary on the day's news. Take your pick! Now we can offer the best of both worlds, and return HPANA to its roots as the Harry Potter Automatic News Aggregator.


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