Interview with Julie Walters

  September 2, 2003 at 12:33 PM ET
  grae     The Leaky Cauldron (via The Guardian)

If you've ever wondered how closely Julie Waltersopens in new window resembles Molly Weasley, the character she portrays in the Harry Potter movies, then her interviewopens in new window with Simon Hattenstone of The Guardianopens in new window may tell you something.

Julie Walters ushers me into a chair. "You've got to sit there in that gentleman's chair," she says in broadest Brum. "It's probably Richard's chair," she whispers confidentially. Pardon? "Richard Harrisopens in new window. He lived here for 12 years before he died." "What? In this actual hotel suite?" asks Eamonn, the photographer, with equally hushed reverence. "Yissss," she says, "in this suite."

Blimey, I say, now there's a coincidence: two actors from Harry Potter (he the late Dumbledore, she happily entrenched as Mrs Weasley) in the same outlandish room at the Savoy, even if one of them is a ghost. "I mean, to live in it for 12 years... I think I'd be a bit depressed." She's whispering again, lest his spirit take offence. Maybe he was too pissed to notice all that time had passed? "Was he pissed a lot then? Because I never met him on Harry Potter."

The end of the interview is also worth quoting:

I ask her if there is anything else we could talk about, anything else she would like to see in the interview. Well yeah, she says, there is actually. "That I'm massively talented, and very very beautiful in person; the public don't really realise that because I can talk myself so much into my part."

That's fine I say, where should I put it?

"At the end." She licks her lips, and dictates. "Very, very, very, dangerously attractive!"


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