Harry receives award at 'Huabiao'

  September 1, 2003 at 7:04 PM ET
  James     Wizard News (via Shanghai Daily)

The movie Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets received an official nodopens in new window at the 9th annual Huabiao Film Awards in China, catching the award for Best Foreign Film.

Listed as one of the most "outstanding" awards given at the ceremony, CoS is also counted as among China's most popular draws as well.

The VIP audience from the mainland and Hong Kong enthusiacally applauded the final results, announced by the jury president.

Among the Huabiao winners, the most outstanding ones were the Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets and the Hero. The former received the best foreign film award and the latter got the best Sino-foreign collaborated film award.

This year's session is the ninth of the Chinese Film Awards. The award is widely known as the highest government honors for the film industry in China.


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