Potter collectibles

  September 1, 2003 at 6:48 PM ET
  James     iharrypotter.net (via CBBC Newsround)

When you chance a glance at the newest Potter toy, look twice before buying only one - you may want to save one in the corner of the attic for a few years and play with the other one! The monetary worth of many fantasy collectible toys has inflated in years and, in many instances, months.

Newsround cites examplesopens in new window of toys worth small fortunes - such as a movie-modeled Albus Dumbledore figure that blew up in value after actor Richard Harris died.

The Fellowship of the Rings figures went up in value as soon as they were replaced with models from the Two Towers.

Although it might take a few years for most toys to get really expensive, you don't always have to wait.

A Harry Potter Hogwart's Express train which sold in shops for £80, is being sold on the net for £500!

But most importantly, buy things that make you happy.

This article also lists a few guidelines to assist amateur collectors in the safekeeping and maximum return of their goods:

* Keep them in original packaging

* Store them in the dark

* Keep them away from damp and heat

* Don't touch them with your fingers

* Buy two - one to play with, one to keep


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