Biggerstaff posts "...and there was much rejoicing"

  August 29, 2003 at 2:50 PM ET

Former Harry Potter actor and all-around unique guy Sean Biggerstaffopens in new window has updated his weblogopens in new window for the first time in a month. He'll be visiting relatives in Canada in a few weeks, so "Toronto better take cover," he warns. "No steakhouse will be safe."

Some other random thoughts from Sean:

"I got some hair in the mail. That's just not good."

"You know what I hate? People who buy big ol' 4x4's when they never do anything with their car that's more demanding than taking the kids to school."

"Keira Knightleyopens in new window, star of the fantastic new movie Pirates of the Carribean - The Curse of the Black Pearl is the daughter of Sharman MacDonaldopens in new window, who, some of you will know, wrote The Winter Guest. That's one annoyingly talented family."

For those who don't know, The Winter Guest was the directorial debut of Alan Rickmanopens in new window, in which Biggerstaff also made his movie debut.


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