Potter translated to Scots Gaelic

  August 27, 2003 at 10:04 PM ET
  James     Moreover (via Freeserve)

A group of young Gaelic students were taken aback by the fact that the Harry Potter novels had not been translated into their native language of Scots Gaelic. Unlike many who previously thought of this incongruity, they decided to do something about it - contacting Bloomsbury directly and asking if it could be corrected.

A bit of teamwork, brainstorming and research was all that was needed in this instanceopens in new window - Bloomsbury replied later accepting their request to translate the first book into the native speak.

It has however been translated into 55 languages including ancient Greek, Urdu and Vietnamese.

After primary six and seven pupils sent a letter - in English - to Bloomsbury, they replied saying Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone would be translated into Gaelic.

But they haven't set a date for the appearance of Harry Potter Agus Clach An Fheallsanaich, says Glasgow's Evening Times.


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