Poor professors abound in Potter

  August 22, 2003 at 11:54 AM ET
  James     Moreover (via Brachman.com)

Brachman relatesopens in new window the presence of so many 'unsavory and even evil' professors in the Potter books to experiences in the schooling system that Rowling has probably undergone, both as a student and instructor.

The stunning Harry Potter series has unsavory and even evil college professors and administrators that are all but missing from other novels and films; I seriously doubt the concept merely popped into author J. K. Rowling’s head, rather, she saw and heard a few things during her student and her teaching days.

The point is that there is more reference to bad teachers in the Rowling masterwork than anywhere else.

Anyone paying the slightest attention to the media knows that, with rare exception, there is simply no mention of an incompetent, let alone defective teacher or college professor.

If there is, it will be ever so limited -- we won’t be reading about it in newspapers or magazines, there will be no 60 Minutes or 20/20 segment, nor will there be a motion picture based on the subject.


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