'Bärengasse' museum hosts fairytale exhibit

  August 22, 2003 at 12:05 AM ET
  James     Moreover (via Swiss Info)

This presentationopens in new window traces children's pastimes from its roots in the early 18th century to present. Then, it is no wonder that Harry Potter himself is considered remarkable enough to be given due as well.

"We chose a number of figures through three centuries dating from Robinson Crusoe to Harry Potter," explained Hans Peter Treichler who was responsible for the audio-visual section of the "Playrooms" exhibition.

"I think visitors don’t realise that children’s stories are such an old thing. People tend to think that the story of Robinson Crusoe was perhaps written or told 100 years ago."

"In fact, the story has a tradition of over 300 years," said Treichler.

The exhibit (Zurich, Switzerland) runs until October 5th of this year. See it if you can!

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