Mary GrandPré offers art to Ohio opera festival

  August 12, 2003 at 12:19 PM ET
  Cheeser     HPANA (via Cincinatti Enquirer)

Mary GrandPré, known to Harry Potters fans as the artist for covers and chapter headings in U.S. editions of the book, provided some artwork for Cincinnati Opera's Summer Festivalopens in new window 2003 (as previously reportedopens in new window), which ended last month.

In a short Q&Aopens in new window with the Cincinatti Enquirer on Sunday, GrandPré reveals how she chooses and draws her subjects, and answers inevitable Harry Potter questions:

Q: How difficult is it to go from an idea to a picture?

A: It depends on how complex the idea is. If I have to come up with a total scene that includes an environment and multiple characters, it can be really challenging. If it's just a piece that maybe is trying to show Harry in a certain situation, where it's more about emotion or mood, that seems to be more easy for me.

The Cincinatti Opera said they plan to commission new work for the 2004 season. In addition, their official site contains several pieces of artwork from this past season. Click on the picture below to see more. There are also some images within the stories linked above:

Selected Mary GrandPre artwork


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