Another Harry Potter book burning

  August 4, 2003 at 1:53 PM ET
  Geri     The Leaky Cauldron (via WZZM TV)

The Jesus Non-denominational Church in Greenville organized a Harry Potter book burning opens in new windowthis past Sunday to demonstrate that glorifying wizardry and sorcery will lead people to accept and believe in Satan. They were trying to save their souls by tearing up the devil and burning his words.

Pastor Tommy Turner said:

"I don't want anyone to go to hell, and the bible says if people use sorcery and witchcraft they will go to hell."

The younger members of the church agree. Kristi Eastman says many books teach that sorcery is okay.

"I'm very strongly against witchcraft... because I know it's not of God and I do everything God wants."

But Tasia Kisscorni, a high-school teacher says the church is making a much 'to do' about nothing:

"If you don't like something don't let your kids read it, that's fine. But you shouldn't make a public to do of it."

Harry Potter wasn't the only thing that took a burning - some of the parishoners also burned music CD's like 'NSync. They say the music is not glorifying God, so they don't need it.


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