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  July 25, 2003 at 6:57 PM ET
  Cheeser     HPANA

Did you know you can read HPANA and the very latest Harry Potter news in so many ways, your head could actually explode?

Check out the different ways you can get your fix of Harry Potter through HPANA:

Option #1: Come to the site!

Not only can you see the latest news, but you can see what topics people are discussing right now, what stories from the past week got the most attention, and be reminded of upcoming HP-related events with HPANA's Remembrall.

Option #2: Add HPANA to your LiveJournal friends list

Our syndicated LiveJournal account already has more than 60 subscribers. You'll see new stories from the site almost as soon as they're posted, right in your friends list! Simply go to our LiveJournal info pageopens in new window and add us!

Option #3: Use our RSS feed

Since the very beginning, HPANA has offered an XML version of our newsopens in new window in a format called RSS, or Rich Site Summary. Desktop programs such as FeedReaderopens in new window and Trillian Proopens in new window (for Windows), and NetNewsWire Liteopens in new window (for Mac) let you subscribe to RSS feeds and get notified when there's new content. (Here's a larger list of RSS programsopens in new window.)

Option #4: HPANA Mobile (coming soon)

A condensed version of HPANA for handhelds, mobile phones and other portable devices! Take your Harry Potter news on the go, or connect from anywhere.

Option #5: Can't wait? Be your own reporter... (coming soon)

Gain access to HPANA's unparalleled news gathering engine and see the latest news before it even hits our home page.

Option #6: Run your own Web site? (coming soon)

Make the latest news available to your visitors by integrating HPANA into your site. A small and customizable JavaScript block will soon be available for you to add to any Web page, providing your visitors with the most up-to-date content available, hassle-free!

Many methods, one goal

As you can see, I want you to be able to access HPANA in any and every way possible. I started this site so I could always see the latest Harry Potter updates in one place. Every enhancement or addition to HPANA is intended to help spread Harry Potter news to everyone, on every device.

Stay tuned for the "coming soon" features. They'll be announced when they're ready for primetime.

P.S. Look where we showed upopens in new window.


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