Lawyer reveals details of Arkansas trial

  July 25, 2003 at 11:09 AM ET
  James     Wizard News (via KPOM)

Brian Meadors has hopefully set another stoneopens in new window in the idea that children should be able to read most books, not be stalled by the ideology of some faceless figure within or outside the administration.

It was a controversial decision--the court battle over Harry Potter books in the Cedarville schools. Thursday night, attorney Brian Meadors gave people the inside view of the case including showing evidence.

He represented the Cedarville student and her family who sued last year claiming the school district's requirement of a parent permission to read the books violated the child's right to free speech. The court ruled in their favor.

"This case serves as a lesson and a reminder to local school districts and local governments in the state of Arkansas that you cannot ban books. You can't restrict books. You can't keep them away from children simply because you may disagree with their message," Meadors says.


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