Retorts aimed at A.S. Byatt

  July 16, 2003 at 11:20 PM ET
  James (via BBC)

Quite a fury of passion on the BBC forums has risen to oppose Byatt, as you can see by the quoted text below.

Rowling allows us to identify with her characters and live in a world of excitement and adventure for a few hours. The hype has reached an excessive level but these books are wonderful. Rowling is a brilliant writer mostly because she is able to give her audience what they want. She deserves to be rich if she is able to continue this.

Jared Hill, USA

I am 13, and am interested in the works of writers such as Milton, Joyce, Thomas Mann and Gunther Grass. I have a lot of seriousness and stress in my life, and can see merit in books which allow me to temporarily escape that.

Michael, Australia

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