Rowling defended by new neighbor

  July 13, 2003 at 12:50 PM ET
  grae     Godric's Hollow (via The Scotsman)

A S Byatt's views on Rowling and her work have become legendary, and more than one fellow writer has come to JK's defense. Add to that growing list the acclaimed author of the Inspector Rebus novels, Ian Rankin, who has a few choice words for Byatt in this articleopens in new window published in the Scotsman.

"Rowling has created a magical world which people are invited to be part of or leave alone if they want, but she is not trying to be Tolkien. She appeals to all sorts of people for different reasons and has revived the world of boarding schools and kids wearing capes that I thought had long disappeared. She uses archetypes brilliantly, like Harry being a King Arthur figure - an ordinary person endowed with magical powers - and Voldemort being a dark Star Wars-type force. I also love what she does with the names of characters."

One reason for Byatt’s so-called "goblet of bile" could be that her Booker Prize-winning novel, Possession, trailed in behind two of Rowling’s books in a recent poll of the 50 greatest books written by women.

Either way, Rankin adds by way of a parting shot: "I doubt Rowling will lose much sleep over an attack by AS Byatt." Ouch.

You can read the full article at the above link.


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