June Nimbus - 2003 update!

  June 3, 2003 at 10:50 AM ET
  Cheeser     HPANA (via Gwendolyn Grace, Minister of Magic)

The following comes to us from Gwendolyn Gwendolyn Grace, Minister of Magic for Nimbus - 2003opens in new window:

Welcome to June! We're closing in on the zero hour, folks. There's still much to be done, but for now, here are a few new developments:

  1. Thanks to an update at RegOnlineopens in new window, we have made our payment options more accurate. Now, if you are paying by PayPal, you may select "Wire Transfer" for your method. The PayPal instructions are still the same - it's just that you no longer have to count it as a "Check."
  2. We have reserved 20 seats at each luncheonopens in new window for family members of registrants. If you are registered and you would like members of your family to be able to accompany you to the luncheons, you may do so in our registration system under "Other Fees." The cost for a family member to accompany you to the luncheons is $39.75 per person per lunch. Remember you can Update your own registrations by following our links to the registration page, selecting "Update" and entering your email address. You will go to your "Group List" after you hit "continue" on the registration page. By clicking on the link next to your name, you can make changes and additions to your agenda and fees.
  3. As wonderful, exciting, and informative as the Nimbus - 2003 programmingopens in new window will be, we know some of you are looking forward most to meeting Your Own. That's why we'll be using our banquet room in its off-hours for "Birds of a Feather" meetings. Trying to find all the other members of Guns 'n' Handcuffs? Looking for other people who sail the Wolfstar? Wondering how many people are also Baker Street Irregulars? Or just want to find fellow believers in Magic Dishwasher, 4th Man Avery, or Lollipops? Use the BoF tables!

    Each day, we'll set sign-up sheets on designated BoF tables and locations. Simply sign up your BoF for the hour of your choice, or if you prefer, leave a message listing a different meeting time and location. Your like-minded flamingos will flock to you!

    BoF Rules:
    1. BoF meetings may not last more than one hour at the designated location. People may continue, if they vacate the location for the next group. They may also continue if no one is waiting for the space.
    2. If BoF meetings become disruptive to the groups around them, they may be asked to move to a location outside the designated Nimbus - 2003 meeting space.
    3. BoF meetings may not be held for any purpose promoting negative agendas, i.e., racism, discrimination, flaming or defaming a particular person or group within the fandom, housism, etc. (Sorry, gang. The annual meeting of the "Gwendolyn Grace - what a bitch!" Society will just have to wait.) Character hatred, such as "Down with Fudge," is acceptable.
    4. BoF meetings are not sanctioned or endorsed by Nimbus - 2003 or HPEF, Inc.
    5. BoF meetings held in Nimbus - 2003 space must be open to anyone who wants to participate. However, if someone is a disruption or causes a disturbance, or engages in harrassing or threatening behaviour, BoF leaders should contact Security as soon as possible. Serious disturbances may result in all offenders being asked to leave the remainder of the symposium without a refund.
  4. Now you can have a little bit of Nimbus - 2003 to keep with you, whether you can attend or not! We've just opened a CafePress store of itemsopens in new window featuring our logo and some poster artwork. Sales at the store help benefit Nimbus - 2003, and if you order now, you could get your Nimbus gear in time for the Order of the Phoenix release!

Speaking of which, have you voted for your preferred location for the "Order of the Phoenix" MeetUp near you? Visit MUARI.org opens in new windowto see what we're talking about, or read the press releaseopens in new window.

Editor's note: I'm going to this convention - will I see you there?


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