New 'Harry Potter: Quidditch Cup' video game trailer

  May 16, 2003 at 3:27 PM ET
  Cheeser     HPANA (via IGN and DigiCasey)

Thanks again to Caseyopens in new window for sending this tip:

EA Games showed this teaser traileropens in new window for Harry Potter: Quidditch Cupopens in new window at the E3 convention yesterday. Click on the link to download and view! It's in Apple QuickTime format, and is 12.1MB in size. Right-click on the link to save it to your computer.

Here's a shot-by-shot rundown (thanks, Casey):

  1. It starts off showing a Gryffindor player putting on Quidditch equipment, then switches to the team on the bench and shows a close-up of them grabbing their brooms (all Nimbus 2000s). Then the team is going to the Quidditch field and flying out to the stadium.
  2. Next, Malfoy and Harry are glaring at each other, and then it shows an actual Quidditch match. Players are passing the quaffle, flying around, and scoring.
  3. Then it switches to "Japan vs USA" and shows a Quidditch game taking place in the Japanese stadium (beautiful sunset and the Quidditch players are wearing outfits similar to Samuris).
  4. Next we get to see a Norway vs England game, in an icy Norway stadium. It shows one player grabbing a piece of an iceberg and swinging around to avoid a bludger. Then it shows Harry and Malfoy chasing the snitch back in the Quidditch stadium.


DigiCasey has just posted several screenshots of the previewopens in new window. They also have some much clearer and larger picturesopens in new window available. Go check it out!

More Pictures!

Here are some extremely high-quality (and big) picturesopens in new window of the video game in action!


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