Tom Felton, Warwick Davis and Devon Murray at Collector Mania

  May 4, 2003 at 1:58 PM ET
      The Leaky Cauldron

Thanks to the Hannan Family, for sending us a report from Collectormania III in Milton Keynes where Tom Felton (Draco Malfoy), Warwick Davis (Filius Flitwick) and Devon Murray (Seamus Finnigan) were present. The actors participated in a chat preceding a screening of CoS:
"They couldn't have been more charming (and funny!). Tom had to field off hoards of girls (again) but still stayed remarkably cheerful. Devon flitted around the place just being funny and chatting to anybody who wanted to talk. Tom, Warwick and Devon were more than happy to pose for pictures with fans and signed autographs before their talk.

They fielded questions from the audience ranging from the predictable "Tom do you have a girlfriend?" to "Do you get out of trouble in school more easily now that you are famous?" For those who are interested the answer to the first question is no Tom does not have a girlfriend currently and the second answer is basically no, but occasionally yes. Tom told a great story about getting in trouble in IT class for printing out something he shouldn't, but managed to get out of trouble by giving his teacher a signed photo! They also use the excuse of "Sorry, I left my books at the studio....." if they forget to do homework. That raised a smile or two!!

Devon (when he wasn't trying to annoy Tom) was charming and funny. He is also very friendly, and not at all big-headed about his fame. He and Warwick were very happy to pose for photos even when fans weren't paying for an autograph. We were seriously impressed with just how NICE and normal they all were.

Thanks for the report!!

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