Nimbus - 2003 fan symposium update

  April 30, 2003 at 1:47 PM ET

Greetings once again from Nimbus - 2003: a Harry Potter Symposiumopens in new window! We've got some very exciting news that you and your site visitors may be quite interested in. Please feel free to email me at [email protected] for more information on this or any of our other Nimbus events!


Nimbus - 2003

A few months ago, you may recall, we announced that our Saturday Luncheon speaker would be Cheryl Klein of Scholastic. Most unfortunately, only a few weeks after agreeing to come, Ms. Klein had a sudden change of plans involving her family and had to cancel.

The Nimbus - 2003 Programming team is therefore very pleased to announce that instead, our Saturday Luncheon speaker will be Ari Rapkin, Computer Graphics Software Engineer, from Industrial Light and Magicopens in new window. Ms. Rapkin has been with ILM since 1998, working on ILM's sequences in films such as "Jurassic Park III," "Star Wars: Episode II 'Attack of the Clones,'" and "A.I. Artificial Intelligence." She is currently working on the cloth simulation system for use in several upcoming films including "The Hulk," "Van Helsing" and "Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban." Her talk will offer us some insights into the mysteries and secrets of film enhancement through computer animation.

If you've been waiting to find out who the speaker will be before signing up for the lunch, please make your upgrade quickly! The $19.75 luncheon fee for Saturday is only available until May 6; as of May 7, the price will increase to $29.75. We are sorry we could not extend the lower rate further, but our negotiations with ILM ran longer than we anticipated.

Speaking of the film versions, we also have another fun activity to announce:

HP Movie Casting Contest!

How about those HP films? Did they make the right casting choices? Do you agree with JK Rowling's insistence on casting only actors from the British Isles, Canada, and Australia? Well, Nimbus - 2003 offers you alternatives!

Objective: Cast any one of the films (including OoP!) with the actors you would have picked if *you* were in charge. To aid people who might not know your choices, please bring a picture, filmography, or other evidence of the person's suitability. For each choice, write a *short* (no more than 3 sentence) description of why you think that person is right for the part.

  • Scenario #1: "Looks can be Deceiving" - Pick your cast members based on looks (or looks and personality) alone, not necessarily because of their acting skills. The object in this choice is to assemble a cast that *looks* as close to your vision as you can find.
  • Scenario #2: "Englishman in New York" - Cast the film as well as you can from nations *not* on JKR's approved list.
  • Scenario #3: "If Worse Comes to Worst..." - Go the other way. If you felt the movies made poor choices, just how much worse could it get? Pick your ultimate worst choices - but still be realistic! For example, Ringo Starr as Snape. For this one, they must fit JKR's bill and come from a British country or commonwealth.

Assemble your lists, collages, or whatever, and display them all weekend in the Nimbus - 2003 banquet room!

T-Shirt Update

Finally, we remind you that our submissions for Artwork and T-Shirt designs are still open! Please see the LiveJournalopens in new window for details. To answer one question that came up on the artwork: Designs may absolutely be full colour, but bear in mind that (especially for the t-shirt), we may have to print in only one or two colours to keep costs low. If it's totally spiffy, though, we might just have to go with the extra expense!

Lynn Chealander
PR Director, Nimbus - 2003

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