Protesters denounce book-shredding ceremony

Published November 15, 2002 at 22:49 PM
from UKHarryPotter

A large and unified group of protesters denounced the book-shredding ceremony that operated under the guidance of on Rev Douglas Taylor.&br;&br;"Protesters have denounced a Christian group for shredding Harry Potter books.&br;&br;The Rev Douglas Taylor and the 30 members of his Jesus Party based in Lewiston, Maine, say the books promote witchcraft and the pagan religion.&br;&br;Mr Taylor said he had wanted to burn books like he did last year but the city authorities wouldn't issue him a burning permit.&br;&br;The Reverend settled for a book-chopping party at a hotel in the city centre.&br;&br;'It's no secret that I enjoy what I'm doing right now,' Mr Taylor said, ripping up a book.&br;&br;About 25 Harry Potter supporters staged a counter-protest outside.&br;&br;Mr Taylor describes himself as a Pentecostal who isn't afraid to make waves.&br;&br;He added: 'I am a soldier of Christ. A pagan is not a soldier of Christ. That makes the pagan my enemy tonight.'"&br;&br;Your logic is blatantly stupid and irregardless of the issue, Mr. Taylor. :)&br;&br;