'Goblet of Fire' set threat exaggerated

Published August 16, 2004 at 3:30 PM
by Geri
from HPANA (via CBBC Newsround)

A few days ago Contactmusic News reportedopens in new window that Warner Bros. had received a menacing phone call with insiders fearing Al-Qaeda behind the threat.

Now CBBC Newsround has confirmedopens in new window with Warner Bros. that indeed a call was received at Leavesden studios but that the terrorist threat was exaggerated and that it has not resulted in any increase of security.

A spokesperson for Warner Bros. denounced the threat and told CBBC Newsround Online:

"As with all responsible companies we take the well being of those within our employment, particularly children, very seriously.

We have in the past received the odd hoax telephone call, but because of our strict security policies we always report these incidents no matter how seemingly trivial, to the relevant authorities. In this case as with previous hoax calls, no further action has been taken nor will be required."

Contactmusic News is notoriously unreliable which is why we didn't post the original story. HPANA typically ignores reports there until they can be independently confirmed or denied.

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