HP actors make 'Top 25 Fantasy Faces' list

Published August 18, 2003 at 9:46 PM
by grae
from Godric's Hollow

I was browsing through the magazine stand at my local bookstore this afternoon, and noticed the image of Daniel Radcliffe on the cover of Xposé Special #23opens in new window. Sensing a Harry Potter-related news item, I opened the magazine and discovered their Top 25 Fantasy Faces of 2003 article. Sure enough, a few actors from the Harry Potter films made the list.

#19 - Alan Rickman

#13 - Emma Watson


#4 - Daniel Radcliffe

Inexplicably, Rupert Grint didn't make the list...a bit of an oversight, possibly?

I also found a full list of the Top 25 Fantasy Faces on the Internet at kissmedeadly.orgopens in new window, a website for actor James Marstersopens in new window, who made the top of the Fantasy Faces list. Xposé also included a short bio of all the actors in the list, and you can read what they had to say about Emma at my Emma Watson Newsopens in new window website.

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